What Are Learning Styles?

Learning styles are little more than the ways you collect and successfully process data. Many people have a preferred style, and all people have capacities in every arena.

Do you have a dominant way of learning?

Visual Learning

 Visual learners must see the details to understand meaning. They tend to put themselves in learning situations to avoid visual obstruction, watch body language and expressions, take notes and value visual displays.

Auditory Learning

Auditory learners learn best through listening and talking things through. They interpret underlying meaning in speech via tone, pitch, speed et cetera and do well reading aloud.

Tactile-Kinesthetic Learning

Tactile-kinesthetic learners are hands-on learners, frequently physically moving, doing and touching. They tend to be distractible due to their need for exploration.

Continued Learning

Learning styles, multiple intelligences, practical tips and free tests - Ld Pride

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