Anatomy: Immune System

With more finesse than a very sophisticated computerized system, the immune system protects against outside biological influences such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and poisons. The innate immune system is hard-wired to quickly respond to a broad spectrum of pathogens. The adaptive immune system ensures that the system learns to protect against formerly unknown recurring harmful influences. The systems are intertwined and work together.

Parts Involved in Immunity

  • Skin, tears and mucus – barriers
  • Bone marrow – produces new blood cells and monocytes
  • Antibodies – produced by white blood cells, each designed for a specific antigen
  • Thymus – produces T cells, imperative for newborn development
  • Spleen – filters blood for foreign cells and old red blood cells
  • Liver – produces antigen complements
  • Lymphatic system – infiltrates the entire body

Functions of the Immune System

  • Maintains an evolving register of what’s self and not self
  • Launches attacks against anything considered harmful
  • Signals collection and shutdown on old cells

Immunity Fun Facts

Everyday we eat and inhale thousands of germs that our bodies know how to manage. C’est manifique!

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