Chakras: How Does Energy in the Body Work?

Energy flows up and down our bodies as well as over under and through them. As a very simplified example, let’s think of how water flows through a garden hose, and imagine that each hose (or energy channel) is particularly calibrated for a specific fluid and psi. With a kink in a hose, flow is deficient in that place. When there is a bulge in a hose, the flow is excessive in that place. When the kid next door sticks his favorite toy down a hose, the flow is blocked.

Since we aren’t made of green plastic, these excesses, deficiencies and blocks affect the integrity of our bodies and minds in subtle and obvious ways. They change our moods, our thoughts, our physiology and even our circumstances (via compulsions and aversions). Learning about how our energy works can explain things that have been mysteries and awaken us to blind spots rich with potentiality.

Read this website. It’s great.

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