Integrated Physics

Everyone and everything exists according to mathematics, force, frequencies and matter. Calculations are firing at every moment, keeping you 98.6 F degrees, transforming electrical impulses to muscular movements, and triggering hormonal secretions. Calculations are also firing for every thought, question and sensory experience, all the while filtering by other calculations what’s determined to be important, safe, acceptable and interesting. It’s a combination of variables:

  • common to everything (laws of nature),
  • common to some (human design details and personality opportunity),
  • and uniquely yours (your dreams, perceptual reality, and preferences).

So work the oceans, planets, and the life cycles of plants and animals. Heard about music being based in math? Everything is energy, flowing to the beat of a specific math problem. It’s simply amazing how much we live unconscious to so much organized action and constancy…

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