Jamie Oliver & His American Food Revolution

I believe in the power of food. Healthy nourishment makes thinking and feeling easier, improves energy and stamina, delights the senses and gives one senses of pride and empowerment. The tongue is wired to delight beyond fat, salt and sugar, and that means the brain can love what optimizes the body.

Jamie Oliver is a chef from England who decided it was time to save the children one meal at a time. He realizes that education and access are absolutely key to having healthy habits. He realizes that people need help changing and trusting that their efforts generate worthwhile rewards. After successfully overhauling school lunch programs in England, he is now doing so here in the USA. This is first half of the first episode of the series documenting his mission in Huntingdon, West Virginia. If you want to see it on TV it’s Friday March 26th on ABC.

Go team. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

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