Physics: Atoms & You

If you look at the atomic theory, we are nothing more than a lot of space with a bunch of teeny, tiny bits of matter spinning in orbits:  lots of atoms, bits of matter, and lots and lots of empty space.

Before you get depressed about life being a lot of nothing, remember that that nothing is something!  Even the space is important, but that’s in the next section.

An atom (as opposed to an atomic ion) has a balanced electrical charge which is balanced in negativity and positivity. Each has a nucleus comprised of protons and neutrons. Each has electrons that orbit the nuclear sun.

Antimatter can form atoms, usually composed of antielectrons (called positrons), antiprotons, and antineutrons.

From Atom, Wikipedia

Antiparticles have the same mass, spin and the opposite charge of their counterparts.  Think about people being a devil’s advocate when they are able to articulate the exact opposite of what is said.  This is similar to the properties of  antimatter: the same weightiness of the original message (mass); the same depth and breadth of material covered (spin); and the opposite perspective of the same topic (charge).

Continuing the polarity discussion here, consider the following statements:

  1. Our centers are composed of energy both positively and neutrally charged.
  2. As all atoms have at least one electron, even the simplest of folk/atoms have negatively charged energy orbiting their centers.
  3. Electrons play the primary role in a magnetic charge, similar to people being alluring or attractive.
  4. Because we are natural, there is a balance, and therefore harmonious relationship between our neutrality, our positivity and our negativity.
  5. Electric charge is a quantum number, which specifies the conserved energy value of what is charged (also known as the first law of thermodynamics). In other words, whatever is charged is ripe with potential energy; the quantity of potential energy is dependent on the configuration.
  6. Nuclear fusion is the combination of two light nuclei, resulting in one heavier nucleus and the released power called radiation – similar to radiant people … like pregnant mothers and people in love (hmmm)…
  7. If a particle and its antiparticle come in contact with each other, the two annihilate and produce a burst of energy, which result in the production of other particles and antiparticles, or electromagnetic radiation.”  When people feel they have met their opposite twin, there is an undeniable energy between them. In these reactions, rest mass is not conserved, although (as in any other reaction) mass-energy (E=mc2) is conserved.

From Antimatter, Wikipedia

This last sentence can serve as a reminder that even when annihilation seems to be in play, released energy still follows protocol. Remember that screaming at an addicted friend or staging a planned intervention can create different outcomes, even if the intention is the same in both scenarios.

So what do you think? What do you feel? Trip on that for a while.

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