Physics: Degrees of Freedom

A degree of freedom is a mode of movement or orientation. Examples of this include:

  • 3D – length, width and height are each degrees of freedom
  • Paradigms – thought patterns create an orientation where some things work and some don’t, some things can happen and some cannot (e.g. if you believe the world is flat, you cannot make a circle around the globe)
  • Orbits – an orbit has a set path in relation to a central object and in relation to centripetal force
  • Emotions – in Latin, emotion literally means outward movement. There are physical and social courses to each of the eight main emotions. Back to the comment about having a personal math equation, each of us holds belief systems and preferences that blend and favor them in unique patterns.

All of us operate from multiple degrees of freedom beyond the laws of nature. Our strengths give us degrees of freedom, and our challenges can influence our effectiveness in one or more arena. Our lifestyle is riddled with examples of how we create our own experiences.

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