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i went to Lisa after winning a voucher at charity event i had problems with my back after working in construction for many years and had tried lots of different treatments – she helped me align my posture and work towards avoiding further problems – and helped me learn how to relax – she is great person to work with – and really understands how the body functions in conjunction with the mind – she has been a great asset to my wellness.

~ Dan B.


Hey Lisa,

Your post made my day 🙂 No one really checks-in. It feels good. My worn nerves and muscles seem revitalized since visiting you.

This may sound a bit hokey pokey.. However, I would also like to note, since meeting with you, a particular energy… It lives within breathing (The Five Breaths), which yields a deeper clarity.

Thank you.



I have a life style that tends to cause nasty pains in my shoulder and back.  I’m tied to my computer all day (and night), and have a lot of stress.  So I tend to be physically tense all the time.  Interactive Bodywork helps me greatly in trying to reverse the damage I have done, and to try to avoid any further troubles.  The whole approach being key, not just working together with Lisa to cut through the tension, but also the advise I get on how to keep from getting so knotted up.  Love it.  I drive an hour to see her, and it’s well worth it.

~ Dan G.


I highly recommend a session (and more!) with  Lisa, she’s excellent at what she does, but also has a  knack for making you feel at ease and relaxed when she is working on you. I have a very stressful,  physically tiring job and a session with her always makes me feel like a new person. The best part is that it helps you for more than just the actual hour or so like most massages… you walk away understanding what you can do to ease up on those aching parts . Definitely check this girl out!

~ Marianne


Pain and discomfort in my feet, hips, and back, limited flexibility and some challenges breathing. This is a picture of what ailed me prior to meeting Lisa. After visiting with Lisa and entering into a program of recovery, my feet, my hips, my back, my flexibility, my breathing have all improved.

The program was not boxed — it was customized, customized for me. The program was geared to my needs. The program addressed the source of my issues, not just the symptoms. The program, my program was designed with recovery as its goal.  The program was designed to fix and did fix what ailed me so that what was discomfort became comfort.  Comfort has become my new normal. Ask me how I feel today.

~ Peter B.


After six years of constant back pain, I had the good fortune to meet Lisa and had daily sessions for a week or so. Lisa’s work is very different than others that I have experienced. When she says interactive she means interactive; it is not a lay there type of session. You are asked and expected to participate with her to reach your goals. If you are ready to become pro-active in your health care, then there is no one that I have worked with that has given me the total relief from pain that I got after my sessions with Lisa. Enjoy the journey.

~ Kent, owner of Baja Bungalows


“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature.  Beautiful old people are works of art.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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